Five Things Nobody Told You About How Food Packaging Affects Consumers


Packaging Design

Did you know that food packaging has an effect on people’s intent to purchase it or not. It may sound funny, but it’s true and nowadays it’s getting more and more difficult to stand out on a crowded shelf with new snacks and brands forming each day. Today, newer brands need to invest heavily into their packaging design because it’s the most important form of marketing. Not only that, but it’s the first view point consumers see when browsing the shelves at the grocery store. Brands that have terrible packaging often times fail because consumers don’t tend to look at them. It’s the packaging that captures someones attention when walking down the aisle. When deciding what type of packaging you should use or what budget to spend on packaging you should first mock up a design or color scheme that you want to portray to your customers. Color schemes are very important when it comes to catching someones attention. Usually the brighter more vibrant colors tend to work better than generic colors, but it’s important to look at competitors in your space before making the final decision. You must ask yourself a few questions before deciding what design to choose. It’s also important to do a competitive analysis of all the brands that compete for shelf life in your space. Look at their packaging and pick out things you like, don’t like, etc… From there you will have a better idea on how to make yours stand out. Who knew all of these details had to be done before deciding what food packaging design you should create.


Packaging Design



The Material

Material is the second most important factor that nobody would think affects their customers decision making, but it’s critical. It’s different for all categories, but some of the most common food packaging material includes trays, bags, boxes, cans, cartons, etc… In most cases trays and cartons are mean’t for plant seeds, meats, and beverages. Bags, boxes, and cans are more common for foods that go on the shelves such as chips, crackers and nuts. Other material that’s important to think about is the actual adhesive that holds each of these together. Adhesives are essential for a variety of food packaging needs. Adhesives aren’t often thought about often, but can have a huge affect on your customer. Generally speaking, you want an adhesive that doesn’t build residue on the outside of the packaging, but also doesn’t give out on you leading to opened boxes. Our recommendation is to consult with an adhesive expert to learn what adhesive would be best for your application. BC Adhesives is an industry leader in the adhesive space for food packaging. The team is very hands on in the process as they will do the dirty work in finding/testing adhesive that will be both attractive, lower cost, and higher efficiency over any other adhesive supplier out there. The team has 100+ years of adhesive and equipment experience, and will come out to your plant anytime to work on the equipment to make sure it runs as efficiently as possible.


Food Packaging


The Environment

Food packaging has a crucial impact to the environment, and customers care about it. When deciding to buy from your brand or your competitors brand its important to win them over with green packaging. 70% of people are more likely to switch to a brand that’s focusing on bettering earth. Brands must think of younger demographics in their packaging choice. Studies have shown that packaging is buried in a landfill or becomes litter that is carried out through our environment. You should use recycled or reusable material for your packaging. This not only betters the planet, but also makes your marketing stand out. Besides the physical structure of your packaging, you need to also look at what holds your package together. One of the main ways packages are held is with adhesive. Fortunately there are many sustainable adhesives to work with. BC Adhesives not only educates you about adhesive, but will help you choose the correct one for your product needs.


Sustainable Adhesives


Size Of Packaging

The size of your packaging is very important. We like to say, the smaller the better. As stated earlier, shelf space is hard to come by, and shipping charges are increasing all of the time. A small, and light design will give you shelf space, and will also reduce shipping costs, and adhesive costs. The FDA lists the different size options for each category. You need to make sure that if you have a small package, that your text/copy is still large enough to see. When people have to squint to read your packaging it’s telling you two things. One, you may be hiding something, or two your packaging design is too crowded. Make sure to try and limit the amount of text that goes on your packaging and make sure the spacing between different sections is enough.


Food Packaging Size


Simplicity & Accessibility

Simple is always better! Don’t over complicate things. One, it could make your packaging look too crowded, and two it can give the consumer a bad read on what you’re offering. Accessibility is also an important trait. Easy open and close technology, no residue from adhesive, and no need for a scissors or knife to open. You may not think this, but it’s important. Implementing technology into your packaging is continuing to increase as it makes it easier for users to open and close. Arrows, tabs, or seals are now necessary to have as they require minimal effort to open. Again, this all comes down to the design of your package. The shape, size, and adhesive have a great impact on making your packaging more accessible to consumers. You don’t want too strong of adhesive, and you also don’t want to underuse adhesive because it will cause your packaging to open too quickly. Contact BC Adhesives today if you’re looking to step up your packaging game for your customers. This will save you money, increase equipment efficiency, and make you run instead of being down for maintenance. Step up your packaging, your consumers care. Increase your margins with BC today!


Simple Packaging

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