Services Offered

Consulting & Analysis

Services OfferedAt BC Adhesives, we are here to find the best solution for your unique needs. Whether we join you at the beginning of a project or for existing processes, we use our expertise to select the perfect product for your specific application. Our team will help you optimize your project for cost, efficiency, consistency, and repeatability.

Slowdowns in manufacturing are usually caused by either the product or the machinery. Some adhesives do not do well with machines, so orifices become blocked and need to be cleaned, pausing the production line. If the adhesive isn’t working as well or as quickly as it should, there could be an increase of costs due to slower production or rework. With our help, we’ll optimize the application equipment and process for improved line efficiencies and reduce downtime.

Once we have optimized an application, we assist in monitoring the process to ensure you have maximum efficiency. We consider the cost per thousand pieces manufactured and how much adhesive is used. Then, we check each quarter again to ensure the process is running smoothly and there isn’t too much or little adhesive.

We can also help you in the assembling of new products by studying your current process and results. Then we compare options to see if there is another technology or method that would serve you better. In this way, we’ll ensure you are using the best solutions and adhesives for the job.

For assembly solutions, adhesive bonding offers a range of benefits, including being more efficient, effective, and reliable than bolts or other assembly methods. Our expertise in both manufacturing and equipment makes us uniquely skilled in creating the optimal setup.

To get started on your next adhesives project, contact us today and one of our team members will gather more information.


Technical Services

Services OfferedTo ensure our customers’ continued satisfaction, we also offer preventative maintenance on equipment. We have in-house technicians who consult over the phone or in person. As long as the customer is using our products, we do not charge for consulting work on equipment, saving you the added cost of bringing an equipment manufacturer in.

We are certified in a number of different product lines, including:

  • Nordson HotMelt Tank Melters / Hoses / Applicators
  • Nordson HotMelt Drum and Pail unloaders
  • Nordson Cold Glue Piston and Diaphragm systems
  • Nordson Pattern control and Runup control
  • Nordson ATS (Adhesive Tracking System) integration and data collection

BC Adhesives employs a number of ex’ Nordson technicians. Our technicians are well versed in all hot melt and cold glue dispensing equipment.

Because of our level of expertise, BC Adhesives is often used as a third party to compare manufacture equipment quotes. All this comes together to help our customers at every stage of applications. We are available for equipment consulting and installation, troubleshooting repairs, application optimization, adhesive stitching, and glue reduction techniques.


Quality Assurance & Testing

Services OfferedOur adhesive lab tests a wide range of variables and then creates a report with all the relevant information, such as:

  • Rate of Set
  • Loop Tack
  • Peel Adhesion
  • Shear Resistance
  • Adhesive Properties
  • Heat Resistance
  • QUV (weathering)
  • Instron Testing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Tensile/Elongation/Tear
  • Rheology
  • Viscosity
  • Environmental Chamber Humidity
  • Analytical Services
  • Custom Testing
  • Flex testing
  • Page Pull strength

We provide recommended solution samples of the substrates to bond the end product. We bond nearly anything, given the raw materials. To find the best possible solution for your project, we utilize our ability to choose different chemistries from multiple suppliers. Contact us today for more information about our services.