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To ensure the Best Adhesive Services to our customers’ continued satisfaction, we also offer preventative maintenance on most Nordson equipment. We have in-house technicians who consult over the phone or in person. As long as the customer is using our products, we do not charge for consulting work on equipment, saving you the added cost of bringing an equipment manufacturer in.

We are certified in a number of different product lines, including:

  • Nordson HotMelt Tank Melters / Hoses / Applicators
  • Nordson HotMelt Drum and Pail unloaders
  • Nordson Cold Glue Piston and Diaphragm systems
  • Nordson Pattern control and Runup control
  • Nordson ATS (Adhesive Tracking System) integration and data collection

BC Adhesives employs a number of ex’ Nordson technicians who are well versed in all hot melt and cold glue dispensing equipment. With our level of expertise, BC Adhesives is often used as a third party to compare manufacture equipment quotes. All this comes together to help our customers at every stage of applications. We are available for Nordson equipment consulting and installation, troubleshooting repairs, application optimization, adhesive stitching, and glue reduction techniques.

A diverse landscape of adhesive solutions

With more than two decades of experience our trusted team can help you optimize your workflow.

BC Adhesives simplified data analyzer

BC Adhesives has created its own Nordson ATS Data Analyzer. We have the capability to come in and pull the data off of the systems with our software to give you 24 hours, bi-weekly, or quarterly reports.

Normally our customers have us run quarterly reports for them to monitor their efficiency. Our software shows a more simplified graph that lets you know if you are over applying or under applying adhesives. This system shows you if you’re spending too much money on adhesive, and need to scale back, or if you’re not using enough of it.

Our team can also install this on your internal teams computers, so they can monitor the usage as well if they want to look at it more often. Our software provides a more simplified graph that showcases the range your average grams per piece should fall under in real time.

No more do you have to scroll through endless spreadsheets to analyze this information. We have made it simple, quick and easy for anyone to see what’s working and what needs to be adjusted with their adhesive output.

If you’re looking to add this service to your existing Nordson systems please contact us today!

Glue Savings Analyzer

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Nordson ATS data analyzer

BC Adhesives has a deep knowledge of the Nordson ATS system. We have created our own ATS Data Analyzer software that is compatible with Nordson equipment that has the ATS tracker attachment, or has the ProBlue Liberty machine that already has the tracker installed.

How it works is, the heated grid in the tankless reservoir melts the adhesive as solid pellets are fed gradually from the adhesive storage container. Once the adhesive melts in the reservoir it flows through the manifold into the integrated flow meter for direct flow measurement.

The molten adhesive then flows around the gears of the meter causing them to rotate. The inductive pick-ups send pulses back to the controller, which calculates per-product adhesive add-on weight.

Once it has exited the flow meter the adhesive continues through the manifold into the hose. As the applicator dispenses, the integrated gears allow real-time tracking of adhesive volume on the control box.

If the adhesive volume goes outside the settable limits, the system can be configured to send a signal based on custom specifications. Usually, an increase in pressure means you are dispensing too much adhesive. If the system registers the volume and it’s outside of the allowed alarm limits, the line stops and the light tower illuminates. A nozzle clog or failed solenoid would cause the system to notice a drop in adhesive volume. The line stops, preventing wasted product and potential pop-opens.