Packaging Solutions

Packaging solutions

BC Adhesives retains a substantial portfolio of suppliers, allowing us to provide the best possible packaging solutions to our clients. Our packaging service covers a wide range of applications, including:

  • Refrigeration and freezer grade. We use a variety of freezer-grade adhesive products for applications like meat packaging, medical products, cold beverage storage, and other packaging for frozen or refrigerated products.
  • Canning. We provide labeling adhesive solutions for a broad range of perishable and non-perishable canned items, such as paint, pet food, and vegetables.
  • Hot fill products. Packaging and pouches that get filled while products are still hot require specialized adhesive solutions that will maintain adhesion under a broad temperature range.
  • Cases and cartons. A broad range of packaging solutions come in the form of carton sealing, bag-in-bag, boxing applications, envelopes, and labels. Based on the application requirements, we offer the best hot melt and water-based adhesives solutions to meet your function requirements.
  • Trays. Our adhesives support tray-based packaging in a broad spectrum of applications across industries.
  • Bag manufacturing. We utilize a range of suppliers to provide flexible adhesive solutions that work with bag packaging made from paper, metal foil, cellulose and plastic films, and textiles.

These are some of the common examples of the adhesive solutions available with our packaging service. Using the very best suppliers and techniques, BC Adhesives offers consistent, trouble-free performance in all of the products we sell.


Nearly every industry uses some form of packaging adhesive. Our adhesives support these solutions in a broad range of industrial and consumer sectors. Common applications for our products include:

  • Sealing packages/package assembly
  • Facilitating adhesion between different material layers
  • Enabling cardboard-to-cardboard adhesion
  • Labeling
  • Attaching cards, coupons, or other marketing materials
  • Providing food-grade seals for food products
  • Creating reliable adhesion in extreme hot or cold temperatures

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Case studies

The following testimonial comes from the plant manager of a large Wisconsin manufacturing corporation, providing evidence of our capabilities and commitment to our customers:

“I have been working in partnership with BC Adhesives for nearly 20 years now. Over that time, we have been through many changes in the industry—both materials and business practices. Terry and BC have been great to work with.”

“Even when there were problems with raw materials back in the 90s they stood behind their products many times by coming into our facility to help us solve the problem at no cost to us. Not too many companies I know of will stand behind their products with the integrity of BC.”

“In the new age of cost savings, Lean manufacturing and Just-in-Time, BC has the expertise to assist in every facet of the business. They work closely with equipment experts to create solutions that will reduce glue usage—yes, I said they reduce tonnage of the product they sell. In order for BC to be successful they want their customers to be successful—a cost, but ethically the right thing to do in the end.”

Several years ago, Rebecca Reker from BC Adhesives changed the game on all the adhesive we use. They worked on our schedule, worked with our operators and found us better products for our everyday operations. Not only a better product but saving us money as well. They have a well-educated staff that is fun to work with. Highly Recommended.

– Verified Customer

Packaging adhesives from BC Adhesives

The adhesive products we use provide versatile solutions for nearly any packaging application. We specialize in sourcing and distributing adhesives that address the production and packaging needs of our customers. We can provide targeted adhesive solutions that are ideal for a broad range of temperature ranges, packaging methods, and product types.

Contact us to learn more about the packaging adhesive solutions provided by BC Adhesives.