Hot Melts

Hot melt adhesives

We work with the top hot melt adhesive manufacturers around the world to produce a variety of different hot melt adhesive solutions for our customers needs. Some of our most popular hot melt adhesives are Metallocene, EVA’s (Ethylene Vivyl Acetates), PE’s (Polyethylenes), Low Application Temperature, Polyamides, APAO, and Compostable Hot Melts. It’s important to know that hot melt adhesives are 100% solid formulations based on thermoplastic polymers except for one compostable hot melt which is a plant based polymer. They are solid at room temperature and are activated upon heating above their softening point, at which stage they are liquid, and can be processed. After the application, they retain the ability to wet the substrate until they solidify. Following the solidification phase, they return to a physical state that has structural integrity and can function as an adhesive/bond.

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Hot melt pressure sensitive

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives are commonly used to designate a distinct category of adhesive tapes which in dry form (solvent / water free) are aggressively and permanently tacky at room temperature. This type of adhesive solution firmly adheres to a variety of dissimilar surfaces with mere contact and without the need for much pressure. These products require no activation by water, solvent or heat in order to exert a strong adhesive holding force with substrates such as paper, plastic, glass, wood, cement and metal. They have sufficient cohesive holding power and elastic nature. You may be asking yourself, how can material offer such a unique performance without water, solvent, or heat? Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives are made and applied daily worldwide, very few people really understand why they are so sticky. These are also known as PSA’s.

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Hot melt adhesive consultations

Demand for hot melt adhesives continues to grow every year. This has led to price increases across the board. BC Adhesives works with customers to find areas of optimization to increase all workflow. Our experts can help to determine:

  • Proper hot melt adhesive output
  • Optimal hot melt coverage
  • Accurate equipment settings for hot melt adhesive machinery

With our level of expertise, BC Adhesives is often used as a third party to compare manufacturing equipment quotes. All this comes together to help our customers at every stage of applications. We are available for equipment consulting and installation, troubleshooting repairs, application optimization, adhesive stitching, and glue reduction techniques. Contact us today to learn more!

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