Success Stories


Product assembly success story Success Story Symbol

In November 2018 we had a success story with a potential client. The client invited BC Adhesives to visit their worksite and observe their current adhesive application. While this particular production application had been running for 15 years, the prospective customer was interested in our evaluation of their work. We were asked to consult with their team on the current adhesive, adhesive equipment, and application process.

The BC team managed to make changes, improvements, and recommendations related to all areas. The primary areas of improvement included equipment setup training and equipment improvements. We worked in tandem with their team to design a new applicator bracket that allowed for improved accuracy, repeatability, and cutoff. The bracket required 10% less adhesive in order to produce better and more consistent products.

The mechanical improvements that came along with this change also reduced downstream issues. Excessive adhesive build-up that once led to downtime was virtually eliminated. Once we established a value proposition to our customer, we continued to look at ways to optimize their application. BC Adhesives ran a battery of tests in the lab and found a stronger adhesive that could produce a better product at a lower cost.

Our staff continues to monitor the application. This affords us the ability to help our client maintain their individualized solution. The client has multiple adhesive applications in their facility, and we have now moved into a second manufacturing process and are working through an analysis to see if we can identify more cost saving opportunities.

Packaging success storySuccess Story Symbol

The following testimonial comes from the plant manager of a large Wisconsin manufacturing corporation, providing evidence of our capabilities and commitment to our customers:

“I have been working in partnership with BC Adhesives for nearly 20 years now. Over that time, we have been through many changes in the industry—both materials and business practices. Terry and BC have been great to work with.

“Even when there were problems with raw materials back in the 90s they stood behind their products many times by coming into our facility to help us solve the problem at no cost to us. Not too many companies I know of will stand behind their products with the integrity of BC.

“In the new age of cost savings, Lean manufacturing and Just-in-Time, BC has the expertise to assist in every facet of the business. They work closely with equipment experts to create solutions that will reduce adhesive usage—yes, I said they reduce tonnage of the product they sell. In order for BC to be successful they want their customers to be successful—a cost, but ethically the right thing to do in the end.”

Labeling success storySuccess Story Symbol

BC was asked to come in and audit a well-known craft brewers lines for potential improvement. This craft brewer had been using their adhesive products for the last 10+ years and were interested in finding new technologies on the market.

BC’s team of labeling experts were able to find several areas for improving their process before introducing new technologies. The first was moving the air knives closer to the labeling application. This allows the labels to hit the bottle with as clean as a surface as possible. Right off the bat the label swimming the prospect was experiencing was taken care of. Next we noticed the amount of slinging that was happening because of the speeds the lines were running at. The operators had also told us that cleanup is a pain every shift.

Part of our jobs as the expert is knowing the latest and greatest technologies. There are new products that have drastically reduced slinging on high speed lines which directly reduces cleanup time. In this case we were able to cut their cleanup time in half. This allowed the operators to spend time working on other parts of the lines that they normally wouldn’t have time to do in a normal shift.

After working with numerous of the country’s largest craft breweries, our team has developed an understanding of best practices for the entire packaging process. There are several things that can be done upstream to help make the labeling process much easier and cleaner. Call your local rep to have your line audited today. Want to be our next success story? Contact us today!

Graphic arts success storySuccess Story Symbol

BC was was contacted to see if we could improve the efficiencies at one of our binders.  The issues were the adhesive system, and the adhesive wasn’t correct for the application. This was causing stringing and buildup in the machine causing them to have to stop every 1000 books. The BC team cleaned the system, installed the correct adhesive, installed the correct guns, and dialed down the volume of adhesive. Not only did this resolve the downtime issues but it also reduced their consumption by 50%. Want to be our next success story? Contact us today!