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What are instant adhesives

Instant adhesives are cyanoacrylates; as you’ve probably guessed, they bond and cure very fast. Cyanoacrylates were originally discovered in 1942 and were used to create clear plastic gun sights. Today, they are used in virtually every industry from automotive and manufacturing to the surgical room adhering tissue together.

Cyanoacrylates are acrylic monomers that transform into a strong polymer resin when cured. Unlike most adhesives, cyanoacrylates instantly cure in the presence of moisture. The smallest amount of humidity in the air will create a bond between 5 and 90 seconds, depending on the cyanoacrylate used. 

Most common types of cyanoacrlates

ECA – Ethyl Cyanoacrylate

Generally inexpensive to produce and highly versatile, ECA adhesives are used in various industries for their ease of application and fast cure time, providing a strong and instant adhesion. Unfortunately, ECA adhesives have a few disadvantages associated with their volatility. They create blooming, have an acrid odor, and are inflexible, resulting in cracks.

MECA- Methoxyethyl Cyanoacrylate

Very closely related to ECA, MECA-based adhesives were designed to overturn the disadvantages of ECA adhesives. This new version of cyanoacrylate has a much lower odor, significantly less bloom, and more flexibility resulting in less cracking. The disadvantage is primarily due to its production cost and producing low to moderate yields (40% – 45%).

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The future of instant adhesives

After 70 years, cyanoacrylates are still produced using the Knoevenagel process. Despite the success of many leading brands, this process has limitations such as: 

  • Time-consuming
  • Poor for the environment due to the solvent used
  • High energy consumption since very high temperatures are needed during production
  • Low yields for most monomers

Bostik’s engineers have discovered a way to overcome all the issues production faced in the past. Bostik’s engineering team created a new generation of adhesives that are faster to produce, consume less energy, require less heat, and are more environmentally friendly than their predecessors. 

Here at BC Adhesives, we proudly carry Born2Bond — a crackles MECA-based instant adhesive with all the advantages of its predecessor and none of the disadvantages, producing less odor, increasing flexibility, and eliminating blooming, opening the doors to endless possibilities and industries.

Bostik's Born2Bond Comparison

Monomer Comparison After Bostik's New Development

Featured Born2bond instant adhesives

Born2Bond Ultra

Born2Bond Ultra adhesives are low-odor, low-blooming, fast-bonding adhesives designed for most materials. The formulation allows a high bond strength even in places subject to flexing, such as leather and rubber, making it perfect for shoe repair or automotive assembly.


  • Fixture time : 10 seconds
  • High Bonding strength (20 MPa)
  • Low blooming
  • Low odor
  • Bonds to most materials including polystyrene

Born2Bond Ultra Gel

Born2Bond Ultra Gel adhesives bring most of the benefits of the Born2Bond Ultra with the addition of gel consistency for precise applications, perfect for toy and shoe assembly, bonding glass jewelry to metal, and sports equipment. Born2Bond Ultra Gel is a low-odor, low-blooming, fast-bonding adhesive designed for most materials. The formulation allows a high bond strength in places subject to flexing.


  • Fixture time: 5 seconds
  • High Bonding strength (13 MPa)
  • Low blooming
  • Low odor
  • Peel resistant
  • Bonds to most materials, including polystyrene

Born2Bond Light Lock

Born2Bond™ Light Lock MV, HV, Gel and 30X are patented, low-odor, low-blooming, dual-curing (contact and light curing) cyanoacrylate adhesives. They are designed for bonding applications that require fast fixturing, coating or surface cure. The UV and visible-light cure sensitivity allow rapid bonding through transparent parts and quick curing of light-exposed bulk or surface-coated areas. Further, the product’s instant bonding capability ensures cure between opaque substrates (contact cure).


  • Dual cure formulation: instant and photo-cure
  • Fixture time of 60 seconds without light exposure, and 5 seconds with light curing*
  • Can be cured with visible and UV-LED light
  • Long open time without activation
  • Dry to touch, tack free surface cure
  • Cure-on-demand of excess material released from bondlines
  • Bonds, fills, reconstructs and coats
  • Low odor, low blooming
  • Highly flexible and elastic

Born2Bond Flex

Born2Bond™ Flex is a patent-pending, flexible, elastic and low-odor instant adhesive with exceptional adhesion to a very broad range of materials and surfaces. It becomes a polymer (hardens) with more than 200% elongation with a working time (in mixer) of up to six minutes. It can be used for high-volumetric gap filling, achieving instant adhesion to most plastics, woods and metals as well as to porous and irregular surfaces.


  • Fixture time in 60 seconds*
  • Hardens in 5-10 minutes*
  • Elongation > 200%
  • Absorbs impacts and vibrations
  • High peel strength
  • Bonds a large range of materials** including glass
  • Transparent, low odor, low blooming
  • Gel consistency for precise application
  • Non-sagging for vertical applications

Born2Bond Repair

Born2Bond™ Repair is a patented†, gap-filling, instant adhesive and repair product with excellent adhesion to a very broad range of materials and surfaces. Repair is ideal for instant bonding and repairing, because it combines the strength of a structural adhesive with the speed of an instant adhesive. A tough polymer is achieved within a hardening time of under 10 minutes, and the gel consistency enables application in any orientation.


  • Fixture time in 60 seconds*
  • Hardens in 5-10 minutes*
  • Instant adhesion with high bonding strength
  • Low volume shrinkage: 4.3%
  • Fills gaps of large volumes
  • Bonds a large range of materials**
  • Machinable, sandable and paintable once hardened
  • Impact resistant
  • Gel consistency for precise application
  • Non-sagging for vertical applications

Born2Bond Structural

Born2Bond™ Structural is a patent-pending, high-strength hybrid adhesive that provides a fast fixture time at room temperature while maintaining good processability and bond gaps up to 5mm. This product offers excellent bonding characteristics to a large variety of closed substrates, such as aluminum, steel, plastics and elastomers as well as porous substrates, such as woods, chipboard and leather. Born2Bond™ Structural is formulated for applications that require mechanical and in-use environmental resistance.


  • Fixture time in 30 seconds*
  • High adhesion strength: > 6 MPa after 5 minutes
  • Open time of 25 minutes
  • Fills gaps up to 5mm
  • Excellent adhesion to many different substrates**
  • Transparent when cured
  • Temperature and humidity resistance
  • Gel consistency for precise application

Born2Bond Aquafast

Born2Bond™ Aquafast is a low-medium viscosity instant adhesive which provides excellent adhesion performance even in high humidity environments. The product has good bonding properties to a very broad range of materials such as metals (including aluminum), plastics, rubbers, and can withstand water immersion once bonded.


  • Fixture time: 15 seconds*
  • High resistance to moisture
  • Service temperature: -40°C up to 120°C
  • Excellent adhesion to metals
  • Exceptional resistance to most solvents and oils
  • Bonds a large range of materials**
  • Transparent and easy to use
  • Good aging under water at 60°C

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