Product Assembly Adhesives

Product assembly

Adhesive bonding often proves a more effective, efficient, and reliable method of holding parts together than bolts or other product assembly solutions. Adhesives can connect substrates without unsightly welds or protruding nuts and bolts, which makes them more aesthetically pleasing as well.

Industries and applications

Any industry where adhesive is an ingredient in the product itself requires advanced solutions that meet the specific challenges of the unique product. The potential industries and applications for adhesive are virtually limitless, but this presents its own challenges. The variety of potential uses has led to the development of a broad array of adhesives to choose from. Adhesives are developed for specific applications based on a rigorous development and testing process. A deep understanding of machinery and automation processes allows industry experts to carefully target specific properties and functions for a particular use case. While there are far too many applications to list here, some common applications that rely upon adhesives for assembly include:
Building ProductsHybrid PolymersSiliconeWaterbase
Panel AssemblyHot Melt PURLiquid PURHot Melt APAO / Waterbase
Woodworking AssemblyHot Melt PURHot Melt PolyamideCross-linking Waterbase / Silicone
Air or Oil FilersHot Melt PURHot Melt PolyamideHot Melt APAO
Appliance AssemblyAppliance AssemblyHybrid PolymersHot Melt PURAnaerobic / Polyurethane Paste
Furniture AssemblyHot Melt PURHot Melt PolyamideCross-linking Waterbase / Silicone
Gasketing and SealingHot Melt APOAButlySilicone
Aggregate Industry2 Part PolyureaHot Melt PolyamideHot Melt PUR
Engineered FlooringHot Melt PURLiquid UrethaneX
General Roll Coating or Lamination ApplicationsHot Melt PURLiquid UrethaneHot Melt APAO / Waterbase
Foil LaminationHot Melt PSAXX
Garage Door AssemblyHybrid PolymerHot Melt EVAHot Melt PUR / Silicone
Outdoor Shed AssemblyHot Melt PURHybrid PolymerCross-linking Waterbase
Kitchen Cabinet Assembly SymbolKitchen Cabinet AssemblyHot Melt PURCross-linking UV WaterbaseEVA
Vinyl Wall Base BoardHot MeltHot Melt PSAHot Melt PUR

A product assembly success story

In November 2018, a potential client invited BC Adhesives to visit their worksite and observe their current adhesive application. While this particular production application had been running for 15 years, the prospective customer was interested in our evaluation of their work. We were asked to consult with their team on the current adhesive, adhesive equipment, and application process.

The BC team managed to make changes, improvements, and recommendations related to all areas. The primary areas of improvement included equipment setup training and equipment improvements. We worked in tandem with their team to design a new applicator bracket that allowed for improved accuracy, repeatability, and cutoff. The bracket required 10% less adhesive in order to produce better and more consistent products.

The mechanical improvements that came along with this change also reduced downstream issues. Excessive glue build-up that once led to downtime was virtually eliminated. Once we established a value proposition to our customer, we continued to look at ways to optimize their application. BC Adhesives ran a battery of tests in the lab and found a stronger adhesive that could produce a better product at a lower cost.

Our staff continues to monitor the application. This affords us the ability to help our client maintain their individualized solution. The client has multiple adhesive applications in their facility, and we have now moved into a second manufacturing process and are working through an analysis to see if we can identify more cost saving opportunities.

Our team of adhesive experts can offer insights and identify potential opportunities for improvement for your operation. For more information about product assembly services for your application, contact us today.