What To Look For When Deciding Which Adhesives Supplier To Use


There are many factors that may influence your decision as to what adhesive supplier you should work with. This article will go over some key factors that are important to think about when making your decision. Some important qualities to look for include: Lead time, location, service, expertise, and then price.


Lead Time:


Lead time is a critical factor when choosing an adhesive supplier to work with. If you’re constantly on hold and running out of product with your current supplier, then it may be time to go “shopping” for a new one. BC Adhesives has many testimonials that showcase why they are so great to work with. Lead time is one of those factors. The team is very transparent and honest with you from the beginning and make sure that your facility never runs out of product. As a supplier we know how important lead time is to you which is why we have our warehouse fully stocked with product at all times to support the demands of customers. If you take a look at BC Adhesives Success Stories, you will see that the team goes above and beyond for each of its customers no matter how big or small. The team will deliver product on Christmas day if need be, that’s how customer focused the team at BC is.




Location is another important factor to consider when choosing the right supplier. Shipping is one of the biggest factors that may influence your purchasing decision with one supplier over another. Make sure that you discuss logistics and shipping rates before locking into a contract with your supplier. Lucky for you, BC Adhesives has partners across the country, and you may qualify for cheaper rates if BC can dropship the products to you. To learn more about location, shipping rates, and possible dropship opportunities we recommend reaching out to BC Adhesives.




Service is another important aspect that may be overlooked when choosing a supplier. A lot of suppliers compete on price up front, and don’t know how to service you. Service and reducing your operating costs are more attractive in the longterm. BC Adhesives prides itself on being an added partner to your organization. Not only figuring out what adhesive is best for your application, but actually servicing you at any given time. Whether that’s training your team on how to best use your equipment, or coming in quarterly to take a look at your equipment and seeing if you’re running as efficiently as possible. Unlike others, our goal at BC Adhesives is to make sure your equipment is running as efficiently as possible, which in turn allows you to spend less money on adhesives from us. We don’t want you to have any waste. The team strives itself on being a full service partner to your team. The sales representative that’s assigned to you will be available by phone at any time to service your needs.

The Best Adhesive Supplier




Adhesive expertise is critical when working with a supplier. It’s important to ask for testimonials, look at Success Stories, and even ask for references to call on before making your decision. What separates BC Adhesives from other suppliers is that they are a diverse team combining 100+ years of experience. That’s not only adhesive experience, but equipment experience as well. The team prides itself on being a service provider to your organization. The team can definitely find you the proper adhesive for your application, but coming in and servicing your equipment at no added cost is something to look for. Sometimes it may be hard to find a full service supplier that cares about minimizing your spend on adhesives, but that’s BC Adhesives main priority. Working on your equipment and making sure you’re not overusing or underusing your adhesive.

Adhesive Experience




There is price upfront, and price in the long-run. Customers who are the best fit for BC Adhesives are those who are most concerned about the longterm price savings. Short term cheaper pricing on adhesives without services will ultimately make you pay more in the long-run. The BC team focuses on saving you money on your operating costs than the adhesives itself. Why you may ask? Well, it’s because decreased operating costs are more substantial than a few cent reduction here or there on an adhesive. It’s important to factor in all of the points mentioned above to ensure that you find a trustworthy partner that will do anything to help your organization.


To find out more about BC Adhesives, and learn how the team can help you find the proper adhesive solution for your application visit: https://www.bcadhesives.com/



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